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Professional vs. Professional Bullies?


What does it mean to be professional?

Yesterday I was told it meant respecting someone in a position of authority by not expressing frustration to them or expressing that you are offended by their behavior.

I personaly reject that idea as repulsive and archaic. And yet people like myself deal with it every day.

To simply respect authority and power for authority’s sake is like saying the government is the government. You should accept what they say because of the power and position they wield over the country.

You could also say that it means to accept and deal with everything policemen, teachers, judges, priests, coaches, and politicians do because their job is more powerful than yours.

If that is how the world truly was/is then….gosh, things like the Jim Crow laws would still exist, America would still be part of the United Kingdom, and their would be no consequences for bossess and politicians who grope subordinates, or priests and teachers who abuse children, not to mention consequences for police officers who abuse their power.

I am completely jaded by the great leaders and managers I have had in the past. They showed me what it was like to be managed, guided, and corrected without being bullied. They applauded my passion for everything I do instead of getting competitive with it. They did not feel threatened by ideas that were different from their own.

I might lose my job for saying something about it but I am tired of putting up with professional bullies


  1. I think the best example of not having to blindly obey and follow those with authority is Heavenly Father. Even though we can obey and follow Him always, He also wants us to find our for ourselves. We need to pray about it and ask Him for guidance. The most shocking example of blind obedience was shown to me during a video in my Psychology class. The Milgram experiment definitely was an eye opener for me that authority should never make us forget what is right and do as told just because they have a title of some sort.
    After watching the video I came to the conclusion that I will do my best to be a law abiding citizen and good person, but I will not do something for someone (even if he is way above me so to speak) when I feel in my heart it is wrong to do.

    • Hey Rebecca,
      Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond. I’m with you. I remember watching a video about that experiment as well and being completely shocked. I feel inclined to go read Civil Disobedience again. :-)

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