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Pizza Picnics & Netflix

Limited Time – Limited Funds  - Maximum Quality Time

Pizza Picnics and Netflix Today was a wonderful day. It’s been a while so I thought I would keep it rolling with a post for the blog.  The last 6 weeks have been unreal.  I started a new paying gig with an Entrepreneur who is phasing out of one business  and growing another. I am still working on some projects that do not pay up front but of which I have an equity investment for the amount of time I am putting in. 

I have been reconnecting with my mother on many levels which has been very healing. But more important than anything I very unexpectedly and quickly said goodbye to a religious practice and culture which molded and shaped every aspect of my life for as long as I can remember. I won’t go into more details about that right now.  That topic is really a whole other post in itself. 

Since I started my new job I have done something that normally people would look down upon in my situation. That is to say that my daughter and I have been eating out a lot, nothing crazy. I noticed that a lot of the food that I was purchasing from the grocery store was going to waste. I don’t like wasting things. I feel sick to my stomach when things are wasted.  So, we started some weekly traditions that have been very helpful in creating some much needed face to face time with my growing little one.

Monday is Costco Pizza night. We get a 18′ pizza for $9.95 which feeds us about three times and with a homemade fruit smoothie with some kale we eat for less than $3 a piece. Costco also gives you about 20 paper plates for free and their not really the cheap ones, so score for extra money \ items in my pocket.

Tuesday night we do one of two things, hit up Rubios for Taco Tuesday’s, or go to Ikea. At Rubios we can get three big fish tacos for $1.50 each and side of beans for around $6.48. At Ikea we can still both eat for around $6. 

What I have noticed is that the money spent actually has another value. Little to no clean up. The amount of time I would spend washing, drying and putting away dishes in addition to cooking is replaced by face time, talk time, and giggle time with my daughter. I’d say that’s money well spent especially when I don’t have food going to waste in my fridge.

The hardest part about doing something like this is letting go of the guilt that inevitably gets flung my way from people who want to judge me – “How can a single mom spend that kind of money! She should be cooking her meals ahead!” I’m sure you can come up with moree.

The most important thing you MUST remember as single parent is that it is YOUR LIFE not theirs Many of you chose single parenting because it was better than having your life controlled by an overbearing and abusive partner. For that very reason it will always be difficult not to weigh every person’s opinion about yourself while work on developing or healing your own opinion of yourselfThe energy of love is always better than judgement or shame. Trust your emotional guidance systemIf someone or something makes you feel bad it is probably something to avoid If something or someone makes you feel proud of yourself, joyful, hopeful etc that is something to keep around

My daughter loves our “pizza picnics” because we get to enjoy our food and our time together. We usually throw in netflix show after our picnic and bath-time which is a great time for us to snuggle. It also costs less than redbox with unlimited access to kid shows for $7.99 a month.

Whatever you can do to create more time with your kids is worth it I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!









  1. My heart is full of love for you, Sarah! And I totally get it about the eating out. I used to order pizza once/week and that was our pizza/picnic day too and believe me I NEEDED that day off from cooking and dishes. We do what we gotta do. And I think the important thing is finding what works. Also, I understand the value of traditions and making memories. When J was about S’s age, we went to Jerry’s Pub every Saturday for lunch and then over to Nordstrom’s to visit the fish. It wasn’t the healthiest place to frequent, and department stores aren’t exactly where you would think of watching the animals…but it was an experience and tradition that was ours. And he still remembers it fondly. Routine is good for kids. It helps them feel more secure and stable.

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